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The Source Methodology - an Overview

Make It Count
The most important aspect of any organization is its people. We firmly believe that our proven recruitment process will identify the best and the brightest of highly qualified candidates regardless of the industry served, specific expertise, or level of assignment. We know your time is valuable and your top priority is finding the right person to move your company forward.

Let us be your source.

Learn it
We strive to understand not only our clients' requirements but also their environment. We know that an organization's ideal hire will have a specific set of skills which must be met, but we also know there are often intangible, undefined characteristics which will impact that person's success and longevity within the company. The only way to find people with those distinct characteristics is to comprehend and appreciate our client's corporate culture and climate. Before we accept a new search, we listen carefully to your needs, your past experiences, and your expectations for this hire. A thoughtful and focused conversation with you and a broad understanding of your culture assures both of us the best match of candidates for the specific environment and circumstances of the position.

Find it

  • We begin with a broad search of both our extensive database and our client's competitors, identifying executives currently performing that assignment's role or its equivalent.

  • Then we deepen the search. We research "one up" and "one down" with the same thoroughness, allowing us to identify the best and brightest at a slightly more or less senior level.

  • By conducting such a deep and broad search, we are also able to stay current with the competitive levels of candidate inventory, job scope, compensation, and benefits for each assignment. This enables us to advise our clients of the quality of offer you may have to meet in order to hire the candidate of choice. It is our professional responsibility to research both the candidates available and the competitive environment for each assignment, so that we can provide you with an accurate and complete picture.

  • From here, we start to narrow the available candidate pool by interviewing the qualified and interested candidates against the actual position description, the expectations of the hiring authority, and the probability of bringing that candidate and client together successfully.

  • Finally, from this research and subsequent interviews, we create for you a complete candidate package: a limited number of carefully selected executives whom we have personally screened to satisfy the specific requirements of the position and the corporate culture.

Keep it
Our search process extends beyond diligent research and candidate preparation and presentation. Once the candidate of choice is identified, we handle all the details leading up to and even beyond the employment offer, with confidentiality, tact, integrity, sensitivity, and professionalism.

  • We complete a thorough reference check.

  • We explore contingencies and scenarios with our candidate, so that both parties are confident and enthusiastic about a successful outcome.

  • After the hire, we stay in touch with both the candidate and client to assist with the transition process and ensure that expectations are met.

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